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About Faye

Faye’s creative eye and love for fashion developed at a very young age, with her favorite pair of white cowboy boots. She wore those boots every day, with any outfit and was completely unbothered. This same confidence, boldness and creativity resonates with her to this day.


Lafaye’s Bargain Boutique exemplifies all of Faye’s characteristics. From her generosity to her original style, Faye offers her clients their own personal Lafaye’s experience. She believes everyone deserves to be fashionable without expensive price tags. While most boutiques are concerned with profits and high-markups, Lafaye’s offers some of the same items at much more affordable prices.


After years of experience in event planning, jewelry designer, and arranging dessert buffets, Faye set her sights on a new venture as a specialty store owner. What was once a simple DIY project in her basement, blossomed into what it is now Lafaye’s Bargain Boutique.


Faye is supported by her wonderful husband of 20 plus years, two amazing children, and a plethora of family and friends who believe in her vision. Faye would have never imagined she would be a boutique owner, but she is extremely grateful and thankful that God allowed her to follow and live out her dreams. Entrepreneurship runs in her blood and she’s inspired everyday by the spirit of her father who taught her how to persevere, be thankful, and reach for the top and by her mother who was truly the disciplinary parent laying the foundation for structure, finances, education, responsibilities, and setting goals.    

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